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Amee Thakkar
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Hobby Classes in Mumbai

Amee Thakkar, accredited art teacher with more than five years’ experience, introduces you to the wonderful world of papercraft. She holds hobby classes in Mumbai, bringing out the creative artist in you and showing what you can do with just paper and your imagination.
Amee works one-on-one with all participants and shows how easy it is to create things of beauty from Day One, advancing step-by-step to more intricate designs. Amee’s hobby classes are a great pastime and designed for anyone of any age. Under Amee’s guidance, you will soon be able to make birds, flowers and other decorative punch craft for any occasion just from sheets of colored paper. You’ll be surprised at what your fingers can do.
Join Amee’s hobby classes in papercraft and create items that will be cherished for their beauty and originality. It gives you hours of pleasure and can be profitable, too, as your designs will be in demand in craft shops and other outlets as well as online.
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